Book 1: The Darker Side of Cane

the-darker-side-of-cane-cover-new-smaller-fileThe Amazon Bestseller and debut novel of Lacey Alpha is the first book in The Darker Side of Cane Erotic Romance Series.


Rough and ready Jonah Cane specialises in fulfilling women’s sexual fantasies but how will he act when a virgin walks through his door?

When intern Evelyn Ash is assigned to write an article for Missy Magazine, she has no idea what’s in store for her. Tasked with accepting three dates a week from an online dating site, Evelyn is approached by a mysterious, faceless profile. For the sake of her article, she accepts a date upon which she is whisked away to a country mansion where a masked man awaits her…

As a steamy, sexual fantasy-driven affair unfolds, Evelyn begins to fall for the unpredictable and alluring Jonah Cane. But how will she act when she discovers Jonah’s darkest fantasy? And does she love him enough to go through with it?

Book 2: The Darker Truth of Cane


Evelyn Ash just got the shock of her life and, worse of all, she’s terrified that she just lost Jonah Cane forever.
Sent to a safe house in Greece, Evelyn soon discovers that she’s under constant surveillance from her formidable ex-lover. And she simply can’t resist teasing him in the hopes that he’ll fly out to Greece and put her in her place.
But, as she should know by now, that’s a very dangerous game to play. And Jonah isn’t going to go easy on her.

With the revelations about his secret desires, Evelyn thought she was getting to know the man beneath the mask. It turns out, there’s a lot more to learn about Jonah Cane. But is Evelyn strong enough to handle the truth about the man who holds her heart?


Book 3: The Darker Touch of Cane


Evelyn Ash just rejected Jonah Cane, and she’s about to discover just how far he’ll go to claim her heart.
The problem is, Evelyn’s struggling to believe he really loves her, and with a string of suspicious events making her wary, can she be sure that their whole relationship hasn’t just been one big fantasy?

With Jonah’s notorious uncle freed from prison, an ex-lover intent on winning Jonah back, and secrets that could change everything hanging between them, will Evelyn and Jonah overcome the odds and stay together? Or is their world about to fall irrevocably apart?


Book 4: The Darker Love of Cane

The darker love of cane cover

Evelyn and Jonah have at least one enemy left in the world. And with a series of threats leaving them on edge, they have no choice but to prepare themselves for the worst.

With the newspapers hounding Jonah for a story and Evelyn’s new boss causing friction between them, they must learn to trust one another or else risk losing everything. But what will Evelyn do when she discovers just how far Jonah will go for her, and how will she cope if loving her means he has to say goodbye forever?

Book 5: The Darker Shades of Cane

TDshadesOC Cover

Evelyn Ash has lost everything. With her world shattered, she embarks on a new life, with a new name, a new focus and a new man.

But she’s not ready to let go of the past, the bitter ache of loss gripping her heart day and night. She faces the world with a darkness living her, left there by the man who taught her to love, to submit, to truly live.
With her world about to take a dangerous turn, will she be able to rise up and fight? Or will she succumb to the weakness in her she fears still lives there, locked away in the back of her mind, a place that only one man holds the key to…


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I’m his. Always.
No matter what happens. I will always belong to Jonah Cane.

Sexy, violent, devastating.
Forget everything you know about love. Jonah Cane’s black heart is incapable of it. And Evelyn Ash has never experienced it. When two polar-opposite lovers collide, the repercussions are life-threatening, heart-breaking and ultimately…catastrophic.

There are a thousand reasons why they shouldn’t be together, but can they find the one, single reason to overcome them all? And can they claim each other in time, before their fragile world is irrevocably torn apart forever?

A complete 5 book series that will tear your heart out still beating. Prepare for nearly half a million words of burning passion, dark and twisted fantasies, life-altering secrets, viciously spilt blood, and an excruciatingly romantic love story that will stay with you forever.

Re-read the entire series from Jonah’s POV! – The Darker Side of Cane Companion Series

CANE (The Darker Side of Cane – Jonah’s POV)


Jonah Cane is one rough and ready, f—cked up, helluva sexy alpha who fulfills women’s darkest sexual fantasies.
But how will he act when the innocent virgin Evelyn Ash walks through his door?
And what will she do when she discovers his dark side…




CANE Volume 2 (The Darker Truth of Cane – Jonah’s POV)


Jonah Cane just walked away from the woman who betrayed him but he’s already starting to hanker for her.
With access to surveillance footage at the safe house, Jonah finds himself captivated by Evelyn Ash, unable to draw his attention away from her. As his jealousy and lust grow unbearable, he can no longer fight the urge to go to Greece and claim her as his own.

But Evelyn’s got a lot of apologising to do, and Jonah’s going to make her work for his forgiveness…



CANE Volume 3 (The Darker Touch of Cane – Jonah’s POV)


Jonah Cane is down on his luck and feeling more desperate than ever. With Evelyn laid out in a hospital bed because of his mistakes, he struggles with guilt as he tries to support her through the recovery. But there’s more than lust causing problems between them, and as Evelyn continues to resist becoming his, Jonah must think of increasingly inventive ways to gain her submission.

But just as their trust is beginning to rebuild and Jonah gains what he wants from the girl he loves, their world is devastated by darkness. Will the challenges they face tear them apart forever, or will they grow stronger than ever before?



CANE Volume 4 (The Darker Love of Cane – Jonah’s POV)

CANE Volume 5 (The Darker Shades of Cane – Jonah’s POV)




She doesn’t know me, but I know her.
I’ve witnessed her tears, her smile, her laugh. And now I want a taste. But I’m afraid I’ll lose control. It’s only a matter of time until the truth destroys us. But for now I’m going to forget, I’m going to lose myself in the body I’ve craved for months. And when she learns who I am, she’s going to run, leaving me to fall into oblivion.
The monster inside me lies in wait in the deepest, darkest corners of my mind. And when it wins the war over my body, there’s no coming back.

He was born into my world from darkness and rain, bursting into my life like the light I’ve been waiting for forever. But now he’s here, I know there’s something he’s hiding. The psychologist in me wants to delve deeper, and carefully I’m able to coax the pain out of him that he hides.
He doesn’t know me, but he acts like he does, making love to me like he worships my body. Except for one thing: my eyes. He keeps me from seeing, keeps me from touching whilst he has his way with me.
And all I long to know is…why?




Life’s a game. One I’ve failed at in every aspect bar one: stealing cars.
The thrill, the danger, the rush. It was all that got me through the day.
Until I met her.
The girl who has so many walls up, even I can’t break in and make a quick getaway. But it turns out, she’s just what I need to pull off the impossible. And now I have something over her to make sure she cooperates.
So welcome to the dark side, Darcy. You’re about to become a criminal.

The word arrogant doesn’t cut it when it comes to Logan Chase.
And after ruining my day, apparently he’s decided to ruin my life too.
But the problem is, I owe him something. A big something that I can’t afford my way out of. And with him offering me a chance to escape the shit storm that my lowlife, cheating ex dropped me in, I no longer have a choice.
All I have to do is manage one week in Logan’s company. And no matter how hard he might try, there’s no way he’s getting within an inch of my knickers on this trip, let alone my heart.